Monday, June 2, 2014

Monster Kid by Dave Lowe

I don't usually promote other websites on my blog out of a sense of fairness; I feel if I promote one author's/artist's website I should be promoting them all. But in this case I need to make an exception. I was trolling around on Facebook this morning and stumbled across the above drawing titled Monster Kid from Dave Lowe's website Para Abnormal. This drawing struck home because it was me as a kid. I had all the Aurora monster and dinosaur models, the posters on the wall (except mine were of Godzilla), and the G.I. Joe with "real hair" and his helicopter. I loved sitting in my room watching old 1950s monster/Sci-Fi movies on TV while reading Famous Monsters of Filmland. Just add curly hair and dorky glasses, and this could be me. It brought back a lot of pleasant, childhood memories. Thanks, Dave. I'll be checking in on your wensite daily now.

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